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I am a painter, muralist and illustrator living in Chicago. I work mainly with acrylics, spray paint and colored pencil to create texture and contrast. I often use my fingers and hands to explore movement and blending. Although I enjoy exploring and intermixing many different styles into my work, my love of vibrant colors and texture is something that remains consistent. Abstractions has always been what comes the most natural to me, but as my confidence has assisted in artistic growth; I have been able to experiment with a style that sandwiches abstraction with pop art and impressionism.

I love to thrift old frames, pottery and clothing not only using the character of the pre-owned pieces as inspiration but attempting to keep my art as eco-friendly as possible.

My work is inspired by the femme experience, human nature and mental health through the lens of trends, fashion and oftentimes, witty humor. Through different styles, I love exploring how one story can be told from several perspectives and can create several reactions. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful city where I am energized by Chicago’s culture and constantly inspired by human interactions and narratives.


Wicker Park Fest 2022
Mural at Recess in West Loop