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mHUB is a leading independent hardtech and manufacturing innovation center that exists to convene the entrepreneurial ecosystem around physical product innovation to ensure that the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, grow and thrive. The mHUB community includes over 428 active and alumni startups and small businesses supported by a deep talent pool of product designers and developers, entrepreneurs, engineers and manufacturers, corporate leaders, industry experts, mentors and investors. mHUB provides a hyper-resourced environment to entrepreneurs with the goal of commercializing new hardtech innovation that will lead to new businesses, intellectual property, investment, revenue and job creation. Since launching in 2017, the mHUB community has generated more than $721M in revenue, launched more than 1,398 products, hired more than 3,987 employees, and raised over $1B in capital. Visit for more info!


If you're a woman or BIPOC-identifying innovator and/or founder, have a clear problem that you are trying to solve through making a physical product, and able to dedicate 1 – 2 hours per week for 6 months, check out the mHUB mPOWER program!
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mHUB offers product development classes & business courses for startups, entrepreneurs & founders